Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization (ACSFo) was developed as a partnership between Afghan civil society actors and Swiss peace at the request of 76 participants of the first Afghan Civil Society Conference in Bad Honnef, Germany (29 November – 2 December 2001).  The goal of the conference was to involve Afghan civil society in the peace and reconstruction process of Afghanistan in order to achieve a more sustainable post-conflict reconstruction. ACSFo has set its prime goal on provision and strengthening of the civil society in Afghanistan.

ACSFo, being a major civil society forum, has served this purpose by improving the coordination between civil society actors and bridging the gap between the citizens and the Afghan government. ACSFo’s scope of activities covers coordination, civic education, advocacy, media, capacity building, peace building, consultations and research. During the years 2002 – 2005 ACSFo with its partner organizations successfully implemented three nationwide civic education projects on the constitution-making process, presidential elections and parliamentary elections, educating over 11 Million Afghans. Meanwhile, since 2002 ACSFo has published 55 editions of Jamea-e-Madani (civil society magazine) monthly. In addition, ACSFo has been delivering trainings to its member and partner CSOs, NGOs and civil servants since its establishment. ACSFo has successfully incorporated the concerns of civil society by influencing the national policies for the benefit of the disadvantaged segments of Afghan society. ACSFo has represented the civil society of Afghanistan in the donor meetings held in Germany, London and Paris. It has convened four international civil society conferences in Kabul between 2002 and 2009.
Today, ACSFo has the widest network of civil society actors in Afghanistan, having 314 partner organizations and 114 members (52 individuals and 62 organizational members). It has implemented eight research projects and has published 4 books on civil society.

Mr.Aziz Rafiee is the executive director of ACSFo.

Objectives and Core Activities:

The overarching goal of ACSFo is to promote the development of civil society in Afghanistan. Its detailed objectives are:

- to increase the involvement of all sectors and levels of Afghan society in the reconstruction, development and peace process of Afghanistan
- to enable civil society to have a voice on important issues
- to strengthen the networking of civil society

ACSFo & HBS Cooperation:

• “People’s Defined Violation and Justice” a project to promote peace, security and justice through recommendations from all walks of people who believe in a bright future for the country. Discover people’s understanding of violation and find out suggestions to address the sufferings in order to strengthen peace through a people-proposed justice and reconciliation. The project produced a research report on People’s Defined Violation and Justice.

• “International Conference on Development of Civil Society in Afghanistan” 2009.

• Peace day celebration 2007.

• “Eight Years After: Is the Driver’s Seat Still Empty?” – Policy Paper.

For more information please visit www.acsf.af