8Sobh Daily Newspaper was established in 22nd May 2007 (1st Jawza of 1386) by a number of well-known and reputed journalists and media activists. This daily which is owned and published by Mr. Sanjar Sohail, has been established as a tool to address recent political movements in Afghanistan and its intention is to focus on news, analytical political and social reports and dialogues. It aims at providing fair and sound information on current facts on human rights, democracy, national unity and national interests to its audience and, herewith, to support democratic institutions, human rights - especially the process of transitional justice - and the process of fostering rule of law in the country.
For the first time in Afghanistan, 8 Sobh newspaper raises its voice not only to address the internal issues, but also to cover the regional issue based on an analytical approach, because 8 Sobh Daily believes that democratic development in Afghanistan is not only affected by the internal economy, politics, social and cultural factors, but that it is also drastically affected by regional political and social factors. This newspaper, in its turn, intends to put its efforts in further democratization of the country.

Current Coverage:

Luckily, today the 8 Sobh Daily is running its operations in 6 main provinces of the country, including:
- Kabul (Central Capital Region)
- Balkh (Northern Region)
- Nangarhar (Eastern Region)
- Herat (Western Region)
- Bamyan (Central Highland Region), and
- Ghazni (Southern Region)
These provinces are the regional capitals of the country, and every province covers 3 to 6 neighboring provinces around.


As a unique and leading media organization, the 8 Sobh Daily Newspaper stands on the below objectives, and all its activities are furnished in a way to achieve these general objectives:

- To promote democracy and play a significant role in educating people about the principles of democracy through publishing democratic ideas in a wide range.
- To address the Human Rights and Transitional Justice Issues by helping out people to use Hasht-e Subh daily as a tribune to raise their voices.
- To help out in the process of good governance development and accountable local government bodies by reflecting constructive, accurate, balanced and corrective articles and reports about the performance of local government bodies.
- To exercise and implement the freedom of speech by print media, and enhance the public morality to raise their voices against poor performance of the central and local government and councils.
- To play a significant role on media advocacy with government's policy making level, and encourage debates on political, economic, social and cultural level, and be known as a lobbyist in promoting independent media in Afghanistan.
- To enhance people's access to free and balanced information through print media all over Afghanistan.

8 Sobh and HBS Cooperation:

Standing on the common goal of "encouraging the debates on environmental issues", the overall collaboration between 8 Sobh and HBS is based on the following objectives:

- Raise awareness for the importance of ecology and “green issues”
- Enhance people’s understanding of why the environment needs to be cared for.
- Show people how everybody with very small steps can already help improving the environment.
- Foster confidence in the natural resources and the beauty of their own country.
- Strengthen the idea of citizenship through identification with their country.

Hence, both 8 Sobh Daily Newspaper and HBS have agreed on a partnership, where the newspaper is producing and publishing a series of articles and reportages on the environmental issues. The reportages are broadcasted in a dedicated page of the newspaper on a weekly basis.

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